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Get started on your own path to having a Dharma Dog. We're now a full-serve pet store with the best food, treats and supplies for your dog! Check out the new, expanded Dharma Dog today!

Dog Walking, Grooming, Training and Pet Supplies for Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey North and West Vancouver and the entire BC Lower Mainland

Dharma Dog is incredibly especially extremely dedicated to your dog's happiness.

Vancouver Richmond BC area Dharma Dog Walking Walking
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  • Vancouver Richmond BC area Dharma Dog Services
  • Vancouver Richmond BC area Dharma Dog Services

Your Dharma Dog

Dharma Dog Services

Dog walking

Dharma Dog Walkers provide needed relief for busy schedules. Regular walks are the first step in bringing balance back to your dog's lifestyle.

Dog Grooming

Your pooch deserves to look and feel its best! Dharma Dog's certified, professional pet stylists take the time to personalize each groom to your pup's unique needs. Carefully working in our one-on-one setting, we create balanced looks and enhance the coat of all dog breeds and sizes. Your dog's totally stress free Dharma grooming makeover awaits!

Dog Training

Dharma Dog's personalized, one-on-one, in-home training sessions are tailored to your dog’s unique personality and situation. Using positive reinforcement combined with good-natured fun, Dharma Dog trainers show you how to learn and understand natural, canine communication. We teach your dog to trust you and your decisions. 

Dharma Dog Products

Dharma Dog's fresh, raw, minimally processed food can provide all the essential micro-nutrients your dog needs for a long, healthy life. For those who prefer a kibble diet, our all natural, grain-free dry and canned food contains antioxident-rich, holistic, organic ingredient. Available for cats too!
Your dog will love our carefully chosen treats made from 100% pure, North American, human-grade ingredients. No by-products and absolutely no added animal fats, salts, dyes, sugars, fillers, chemicals or preservatives. Grain-free options and raw bones too!
Dharma Dog's retail store also carries a unique mix of dog toys, rainwear, sweaters, collars, leashes, beds, bowls and other supplies. We've got your cat covered too!
Dharma Dog offers totally natural dog shampoos, homeopathic remedies and much more. And be sure to ask us about our own Dharma Dog Delectables brand of coconut oiluse it to improve your dog's digestion, maintain healthy weight, prevent and treat infections and moisturize and heal your dog's skin.

Learn more about Dharma Dog coconut oil

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