Dog Grooming Small Business

My Title is purposely misleading. Why? I’m really not sure, I just thought it sounded catchy. The really isn’t too much drama in the dog grooming world. An irate customer here, I competitor tearing down posters there. It’s really a fairly stable business aside from some unexpected bumps in the road.

Small business can be tricky, and it’s essential to operate as smoothly and organized as possible. Things had been running very smoothly as of late, almost too smoothly. I left work on Friday and let our capable staff members handle the shop on Saturday.  I enjoyed my weekend and was prepared to head back to work on Tuesday after the long weekend. We had scheduled a few grooms for Tuesday in the early morning. Upon my arrival I realized that our dog wash area wasnt functioning. Zero water! You can’t exactly have a dog grooming shop without water! So a few hundred dollars later and the problem was solved. We used Mr.Swirl plumbing service. They were great and very efficient. Had I not prepared a contigency fund in our bank account for such events who knows how the day would have gone.

I was fairly grumpy afterward but I soon got over it and carried on with business as usual.

None of our grooms had to be rescheduled and we didnt ose any business!

Lesson learned. Plan for the worst, expect the best!


Vancouver dog grooming

Vancouver dog grooming


Dharma Dog has me exhausted!

I’m exhausted! After spending the last 8 months launching and running Dharma Dog I’ve nearly hit a wall. I can’t wait to take some time off in December to refresh my batteries and enjoy some well deserved rest and relaxation.

We will be closed from the 21st of December to January 6th 2014! two whole weeks! Weeeee!

We will still be offering boarding services, but all of our other services will be shut down for vacation 🙂

To put it all in perspective

I have worked 1920 hours in 8 months.

The average person works a 40 hour work week and gets breaks! Meaning in 8 months the average person has worked: 1280 hours. Nearly one month less than me!

Joanne and I decided that we wanted to open a shop that dog owners could trust and rely on and until we are booming it is necessary for me to put in the long hours. Will it all pay off? Who knows, but we’re hopefull!


I guess this is really just my way of announcing our vacation Schedule for December.



dharma dog daycare

Yay work!