Dog Park Etiquette

Dog park etiquette should be discussed more often amongst those of you who like to bring your furry friends for a fun outdoor run.  Here are some suggestions to help make your adventure more enjoyable for everyone!

The first rule of thumb,


If your dog has displayed aggression, or has a propensity to take a chomp out of the occasional dog, it’s best to at the very least muzzle him for his safety and the safety of others. You must also decide if the dog park is the most enjoyable environment for him. Some dogs prefer to be left alone, or simply amongst their humans.


Although many park spaces may supply water, poop bags, and even bowls, it’s always a good idea to pack your own. You can find collapsible dog bowls at almost any pet retail store, and a ton of biodegradable poop bags too! Your dog might like it if you can bring a nutritional treat to help give them an energy boost too.

portable dog dish

this dog takes a sip out of a portable dog dish. Click the link to purchase through supplier.



All too often I see people at the dog park sipping their coffee and getting their own social time in. Meanwhile their dog is off stealing sticks from other dogs, humping, playing too hard, or generally being a bully! Now, I’m not suggesting you keep your dog under your thumb, but definitely keep a vigilant eye and be responsible for your dogs actions.


If your dog decides to leave a big poop bomb outside, pick it up! It’s easy, it doesn’t take a long time, and it will help ensure that you’re setting a good example for other dog owners around you. Afterall, if you’re not picking up after your dog, chances are other won’t either!

cartoon dog pooping

cartoon dog doing what he does best


Each dog park or trail will have differing rules depending on the municipality and various types of park. Some will allow off-leash dog play during regulated hours, some will allow off-leash play all of the time. However, there are many trails and parks that do not allow any off-leash play and are LEASH ONLY parks, or trails. Remember, just because you love your dog doesn’t mean that others will too! A little jumpy dog is still a jumpy dog, and to be honest it’s not always a great time when your pants are muddied by a random little dog.


Plain and simple, enjoy your time with your dog. Find an activity that you both love whether it’s playing fetch, running side by side, training, or agility. Enjoy the chance to slow life down and enjoy the little things.

5 dogs sharing one stick in the water

these dogs are having a party!


Have fun out there!





How To Choose A Dog Walker

dog walking

Vegas and Miles take in the view on our favourite trail

How to choose a dog walker? Well, I’ll see if I can help!

With so many dog walking options in rainy Vancouver it’s easy to hire someone to the job. However, it’s not easy to hire the right company. Here are some guidelines to help you on find a trustworthy company.

1. Insurance: DO NOT HIRE ANYONE REGARDLESS OF PRICE IF THEY DO NOT HAVE LIABILITY INSURANCE!! Sorry for the caps but I must emphasize this. Accidents do happen, and if your dog walker is out with your dog and they are not covered by insurance that means the financial burden of veterinary bills will fall on you! So you might be saving a buck or two in the short-term but this can  end up costing you a pretty penny in the end.

2. Real or Pretender? : Many dog walkers out there have no real training or education when it comes to dogs other than watching “the dog whisperer” or owning their own dog for years. Not that this is a bad thing for a casual dog walk, however, when you’re walking a group of dogs it doesn’t give them enough skills to handle any situation that may occur.

3. Where do they walk? : While neighbourhood walks aren’t bad for potty breaks, dogs need variety, especially when it comes to concurring boredom and actively teaching them new things. Socializing dogs to new environments and scent is just as important as the movement and exercise that dog walking offers.

4. Trust: While gut instinct is a good tool, ultimately your dog walkers should all be bondable and willing to go through a criminal record check. Dog walkers will often have access to your house and you need to know that you can trust that they are there for one thing, picking up and dropping off your dog!

5. Do they care? : You can only find this out through trial and error. Ask your friends, vets, pet stores, any where you might know dog people!


Good luck on your search!



dog walker and newfoundlander

Nik and lenny on one of their famous commercial drive strolls