Finding your Dharma


We’ve spent almost 4 years building this business. A business where our customers’ experience is our number one priority. Not just a place to feel confident about trusting us with their precious pet, but a place they are excited for their pet to visit and can’t wait to tell their friends about! This is our hope, and our perfect rating of numerous five star reviews on Facebook and Google let us know we’re on the right track. We appreciate those glowing reviews more than anything in today’s social media reliant society. So for those of you who have taken the time to do that for us, we just want to take the time right now to say a heartfelt thank you.

The past year has been a challenge to keep things fresh and we find ourselves in a place we have now outgrown. We’ve tried to shake things up but the wheels have been spinning so to speak. The reviews have kept us going. We feel quite strongly these reviews have kept our business alive. But a business cannot run on past reviews alone! We must press on. We cannot improve if we give up. We cannot succeed if we are found caught in the mundane and beat down by the ins and outs of daily operations. We must redefine the goal so we may navigate our way through the ebbs and flows that businesses must inevitably endure. We must find our Dharma once again.


What does that mean, to find your Dharma? Well, I wasn’t sure either. So I looked it up. Did you know that there’s no single word definition or translation in western languages for the word dharma? I didn’t! Yet we have it defined in Sanskrit as “a key concept with multiple meanings in the Indian religions-Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism”.

In Hinduism, dharma signifies behaviours that are in accordance with the order that makes life and the universe possible. Wow. Things like laws, virtues, and conduct. So, basically morality.

In Buddhism, dharma means “cosmic law and order”. Plus it applies to Buddha’s teachings. Pretty insightful stuff. It also refers to “phenomena” which is the plural word for phenomenon, from the Greek word phaimonmenon, meaning to show, shine, appear, or experience, as in, something that happens in reality yet cannot be directly observed.

In Jainism, an ancient Indian religion that is essentially based on three things: non-violence, non-absolutism and non-possessiveness, dharma is referred to as the purification and moral transformation of human beings. For Sikhs, it means path of righteousness. Can you see where this is going?


Back to western languages for a minute. For this word to be so deep, that no scholar has been able to assign a definitive English translation for dharma, to me, means that we have a pretty amazing opportunity for discussion here. Ultimately, dharma encompasses ideas of righteousness, nature, law, morality, support, virtue and custom. Depending on the context of course.

For us, dharma is truth. We take it in the context of the dog world. The pet animal industry,  along with the media and social media, has confused so many well intentioned dog owners. So confused that humans waste thousands of dollars on specialized food, clothing, training methods, training supplies along with time and energy spent trying so desperately to connect with our dog companions. Why are humans so lost when it comes to being a good dog owner? Overload! The age of information is overwhelming. Conflicting opinions and advice. Constant advertising for newer, safer, better products. Some of it might be a cash grab but some of this stuff they sell or write about is well intentioned and distributed by blind people that truly want to help just don’t know how.

So how do you know what will truly help you and what will leave you frustrated? How can you find your Dharma in an age where lies, whether well intentioned or not, run rampant? Failed attempt after failed attempt you persevere to understand your dog and what he or she truly needs to feel taken care of and therefore able to offer you the relationship you’re looking for in your steady companion?


Our commitment is to offer sound answers and when we can’t find the answers, we won’t make them up and we’ll do our best to find the truth for you. We give you our hands on approach on how to deal with dogs which is to teach humans how to speak their language. Not the other way around. Yes we have some cute accessories to jazz up your pooch (which we all know is a human thing) but when it comes to our dog walking, grooming and training, we’re committed to handling each dog with the kind of love and support that gives them comfort and security. We are committed to teaching humans how to interact appropriately with their pet and in turn healing the stress and anxieties inside us and inside our pets which cause the negative behaviours. Behaviours that are a direct result from our well intentioned yet blind reinforcing of these unwanted symptoms and behaviours causing us unnecessary pain and frustration in our lives and in our homes.


We are committed to making a direct positive impact on you, your dog, your family, your home and your life!

Peace and blessings.
Namaste (which means “I bow to the divine in you”)


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